Fabulous In Every Way.


We would like to inform you that we, at Saivana Exports, are beginning to take concrete steps towards making garments in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Most of you might not know, but we were amongst the first exporters in India, to measure our carbon foot print about 5 years ago. However, the world has changed a lot since then and I am pleased to inform you about our recent endeavours:-

FABRICS:- We have at last managed to secure a good supply of organic fabrics complete with certifications. We have started moving towards offering all our clients more and more GOTS certified products to our customers. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, from the raw materials to the final product. In order to get the certification for a product, every step of the supply chain must be certified and we are in the process of doing that.

We request all our buyers to please start working on some styles in organic cottons, especially for the next summer season.The only thing you have to watch out is that the lead times for manufacturing of these fabrics will take 15-20 days which we consider not bad.

DYEING & PRINTING:- We have identified certain processing mills which are GOTS certified in the Delhi region and also in Western India. These mills will process the fabrics with zero discharge to the environment. Some of these mills cannot do all kinds of printing but we at Saivana will strive to give most of our processing work to these mills. Needless to say these mills are doing azo-free dyeing and printing

POLYBAGS: – We are glad to inform all of you, with the help of our 2 buyers (one from America and one from France) we have managed to procure and source bio-degradable bags here in India. Although not a perfect solution, these bags become part of the “soil” after 9-12 months.

THREADS:- We are pleased to inform you that in future we will be using threads, both for stitching and embroideries, that are GOTS certified and will discard all local threads which we might have been using (especially in hand embroideries).

FACTORIES: – Saivana currently has 5 factories and slowly but steadily, we will be making each of our factories GOTS compliant. We are already compliant as per Western standards, local government of India standards and as per different buyer compliance requirements but these will be more special and lot of hard work will be undertaken.

CARS: – Last but not least, we have decided to slowly do away with all diesel and petrol guzzling cars of the company and replace them with hybrid vehicles and vehicles using CNG. Alas, the Teslas are still not in India L so we go with the second best option available. These are small but important steps we are taking and we hope, with your help, we will do further towards our goal of 100% sustainable fashion.