TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE report 2019-2020

TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE Report 2019-2020

How did Saivana do financially?

  • Saivana sales went up 22%
  • 81% of orders went on time. This was lower than 87% of last year. This is a matter of serious concern
  • Operating costs went up 29.67% due to local inflationary pressures
  • Quality claims were 0.25% of all shipments sent

What did Saivana do for the environment?

  • We mapped out our TOTAL CARBON FOOTPRINT for the preceding year. This showed us which factory was causing most harm to the environment and concrete steps are being taken to ensure the figures go down substantially in this year (Click here to view the complete report).
  • Saivana started replacing its diesel cars with electric hybrid vehicles. All old cars are being phased out
  • We cut down the use of harmful chemicals in our finishing units by 72%. Lot of chemicals were replaced by natural stain removers.
  • We introduced 100% biodegradable disposable poly bags to all our buyers and nearly all of them are using them from Australia to America. THIS WAS OUR BIGGEST CONTRIBUTION in both our lives and the lives of our buyers and their customers
  • 2019-2020 was the year when we saw majority of Saivana’s buyers using ORGANIC FABRICS. We created a 100%Organic supply chain which has full traceability, from the yarn to the weaving to the dyeing and printing of the fabric. 30% of Saivana’s productions were in organic fabrics and we hope this number will only increase.

What did Saivana do for its employees and local communities?

  • Conducted eyesight camp and provided free spectacles to the employees who needed them..
  • Saivana contributed handsomely to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund (copy of cheque attached). Basically, the Prime Minister relief fund helps poor people during national calamities and India always seems to have them, from floods to cyclones.
  • We collaborated with a US brand and made 10-12 styles and 100% of the revenue from the sales of those styles went to a New Delhi based charity called Room to Read which focuses on educating the GIRL CHILD
  • Speaking of the GIRL CHILD, Saivana has been helping its employees with the education of their daughters by providing financial help for the books, private schools, uniforms, etc. Our foundation “FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION” is a personal and corporate initiative of Saivana since a decade now.
  • We continued supporting the Pediatric Oncology Department of Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, helping poor children suffering from cancer.
  • Saivana continued help feeding the needy poor (Annadan) in the town of Shirdi, Maharashtra which is the home of the patron saint Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, after whom Saivana has been named.