Women’s Garment

Women’s garment Manufacturer and exporter

Saivana has been making very high quality ladies garments since its inception in 1995. Saivana’s early association with Isabel Marant of Paris in 1998 meant Saivana started becoming proficient in making complicated woven and silk garments which entailed multiple production processes from the very start. Over time, and just through word of mouth.

Saivana started developing a reputation in France as a manufacturer exporter of high quality ladies garments which were not only price competitive but had the highest degree of quality standards. Not many exporters can handle the kind of garments which Saivana does.

India was already traditionally known to manufacture normal low cost “cut and sew” garments with a touch of embroidery. Saivana changed that and started making garments which were complicated and not “production friendly” at all. In 2010, Saivana entered the US market and today it is a well known B2B manufacturer exporter to some of the leading fashion designers of New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Over the years, the company has amassed a rich history of inspirations in its showroom in Delhi. The fact it works with only leading designers and fashion houses means it can add lot of value to any new customer. Having said that, the Company is very particular about who it chooses to work with and only takes on a new client after due diligence and after the client has proven it has growth potential.

Things to know about Us.

Over the years, Saivana has made all kind of iconic garments, from the classic Hippo Jacket of Isabel Marant to making 80% of the garments for the last Kenzo fashion show in 2000 before he retired. Saivana will never copy paste a client’s patterns but rather study them carefully and then advise the client in case pattern changes are required in order to bring the pricing down. Saivana checks all patterns not only on the computer but also via its old and talented pattern masters who are the best of the best in the industry. Saivana has a phenomenal 84% on time delivery rate and a whopping 99% error free production rate. Our clients know they are in the right hands!!!