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Saivana has been making children garments since its association in 2001 with the iconic French brand Bonpoint.With a focus on..

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Saivana has been making very high quality ladies garments since its inception in 1995.Saivana’s early association with ...

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With a focus on fashionable prints and the use of fine and delicate French laces, Saivana has played a small role in the growth...


Know About Saivana

Since 1994, Saivana Exports Private Limited is a premium export manufacturing house based in New Delhi, India. The company specializes in the production of very high fashion ladies and children garments and is today dealing with some of the top designers and fashion houses across the globe- especially from France, Italy, and the United States of America.


Some From Our Exclusive Collection

Saivana is proud to say that it has never experienced any major quality issues with any of its buyers. All deliveries are having a 99% error free production. The strengths of the Company are both in basic garments and in value additions like embroideries (machine, computer and hand), block prints and hand painted fabrics.


Fabulous In Every Way.

Revitalizing beauty for your skin.

Fabulous In Every Way.

Glamour For Every Occasion.

Take time out for beauty.

Just What You Need.

Believe In Beauty.

Rethink your lash look.


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Saivana Exports is the first garment exporter in India to report its "TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE" for the year
2019-2020. By TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE we mean the following:-